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If you think you have a water pipe or gas line leak, call Plumbing Right Now for professional leak detection services. Delaying this call could be both dangerous and costly. We can find the smallest of leaks in your gas lines and plumbing using today’s best practices in leak detection.

For guaranteed emergency plumbing repair in Houston, Texas, including Spring, The Woodlands, Tomball and Cypress, call the experts at Plumbing Right Now.

Detecting Leaks in Your Home’s Plumbing

There are two categories of home plumbing leaks:

  1. Pressure leaks. These involve the water delivered to your home and pushed through your plumbing system. You drink, bathe, and cook with this water that comes from your faucet under pressure. Leaking toilets are the most common source of water loss from unattended leaks.
  2. Gravity leaks. These involve the pipes that drain sewage and waste water from your home. Leak detection can be more difficult with gravity leaks, as they are not under pressure and often beneath your home’s foundation. Plumbing Right Now uses modern leak detection methods, including hydrostatic testing and leak isolation testing.

Hydrostatic Testing

Hydrostatic leak testing is a non-destructive testing process to test plumbing and pipes for both strength and leaking. By filling a pipe with water and eliminating the air inside, the plumbing is pressurized for visual inspections. Our leak detection experts use deflection techniques to avoid injury or damage during the hydrostatic testing procedure. Typically when this test confirms a leak, the next step is a leak isolation test.

Leak Isolation Testing

Leak isolation testing involves isolating a section of piping that is suspected of leaking. We insert an inflatable device to block the plumbing system along with a camera. After the system is flooded with water, we inspect parts of the plumbing system with our camera to locate the source of the leaks.

Gas Line Leak Detection

A natural gas leak is an emergency. If you suspect a gas leak in your home, get away from the source, exit the building and call 911. Next, call Plumbing Right Now. Whatever you do, do not attempt to find the leak yourself. We have the equipment, tools and technology to perform professional leak detection and gas line repair.

The expert leak detection technicians perform a complete leak detection operation, leaving nothing to chance with your home. We perform plumbing leak detection, slab leak detection, sewer leak detection, drain leak detection and gas leak detection. We perform precise location of leaks in residential and commercial properties. If you suspect a gas leak, plumbing leak, sewer gas smell leak, pipe leak or slab leak, call us right away for expert help. We are equipped with modern testing gear and skilled, experience technicians for detecting any leaks. You can be confident that we will provide quick, efficient, complete and affordable leak testing results. Plus, we have extensive experience in repairing any leak. If you suspect a leak in your property, trust the experts at Plumbing Right Now to pinpoint the source of the leak and offer you solutions for effectively fixing the leak.

Find and Fix Leaks with Plumbing Right Now

Plumbing Right Now offers emergency plumbing repair throughout Houston, including Tomball, Cypress, Spring and The Woodlands.

  • Emergency plumbing repair available
  • Using non-invasive technology and the most current best practices
  • Honest, firm-quote pricing on plumbing repairs and services
  • The technology and tools needed to perform complete leak detection
  • Certified, licensed plumbers with the necessary training and experience
  • A gas or water leak needs quick action.

Contact the Experts in Gas Line Leak Detection

We offer a complete inspection for leaks in your property. Contact Plumbing Right Now for leak detection and emergency plumbing repair.

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