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Did you know that the average home uses faucets more than 80 times throughout the day? Controlling high-pressure water lines, having moving parts and taking on the risk of corrosion and mineral buildup, it’s no surprise that faucet repair is inevitable. From washing up, cleaning dishes, brushing teeth, cleaning tools, rinsing vegetables, a faucet is a must-have basic appliance in our homes. From kitchens and bathrooms, to laundry rooms and utility rooms, faucets are a mainstay for everyday life. We rely on them for important, basic day-to-day living, but when a faucet malfunctions, it causes a disruption in our lives. 

Faucet Repair by Plumbing Right Now

The good news is you have a trusted plumber on your side when you have a problem with a faucet. Save time and money trying a DIY faucet repair. Instead, call the faucet repair experts at Plumbing Right Now.  For guaranteed emergency plumbing repair in North Metro Houston, Texas, including Tomball, Cypress, Katy, Magnolia, Southside Place, Spring, Houston Heights, The Woodlands and Woodbury, call the experts at Plumbing Right Now.

Top Problems Requiring Faucet Repair

Faucets are the workhorse of a modern plumbing system. With moving parts, high-pressure water, corrosion risk and calcium buildup, there are a number of problems that can develop with the moving parts and structural components of a faucet. Here are common issues to look out for that likely require faucet repair:

  1. No running water. This is the ultimate problem, when a faucet repair problem is so bad that there is no running water. The good news is that a professional plumber can clear debris and replace faucet components, often avoiding replacing the entire faucet mechanism. 
  2. Noisy faucet. A faucet making sounds when turned on are an indication of bigger problems that need to be inspected and repaired. 
  3. Leaking faucet. Leaks cause wasted water and other problems. When a leak is discovered, it is important to repair the faucet right away, which may require new parts.
  4. Pressure problems. Buildup in the aerator and clogs in the faucet itself may drastically reduce water flow. 
  5. Broken faucet. In this case, it is probably a good time to replace and upgrade the faucet.

Complete Faucet Repair Services

Plumbing Right Now offers complete faucet repair services, including emergency faucet repair service for the North Metro Houston Area, including the communities of: 

Call the Metro Houston Pros for Faucet Repair | Plumbing Right Now 

Get some relief with professional faucet repair services today. Leaking and problem faucets can be frustrating and water wasteful. Let Plumbing Right Now fix your bad faucet to work just like new again. Make the easy call to our friendly faucet repair team for fast, effective and affordable faucet repair help today.

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