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The typical household shower is a well-used feature of any home, and takes a lot of wear and tear. Are you looking for basic shower repair for your North Metro Houston home? Our shower repair experts from Plumbing Right Now can repair any shower component in a jiffy. Just give us a call. Whether the enclosure, drain pan, drain, pipes, faucet, shower head or controls are damaged, malfunctioning or broken, get your shower repaired quickly, easily and affordably with the shower repair team at Plumbing Right Now. 

Perfect Shower Repair by Plumbing Right Now

It’s no wonder that a household shower needs repairs from time to time. Just think about the high-pressure cold water and hot water lines, corrosion and mineral buildup on shower components, and how easily the mechanical components of the controls can go bad. We know how important it is to have a reliable shower for health and enjoyable day-to-day living. And, when your shower experiences problems, it’s time for a professional shower repair service call. 

Common Problems Requiring Shower Repair

It’s not fun when your shower is malfunctioning. Over time, wear-and-tear combined with the corrosive effects of water, mineral build-up and leaking pipes, many problems can arise in your shower. Here’s a few of the most common problems that need repairs. 

  1. Low water pressure. The main source of low flow in a shower is the accumulation of calcium and other minerals on the showerhead.
  2. Clogged drain. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, dirt, hair and other substances combine to plug up shower drains, allowing water to back up into a shower.
  3. A loud shower. Unsecured pipes often move with varying temperatures of flowing water.
  4. Leaking shower faucet. Gaskets, rings, seals, cartridges and other components often fail, and need to be replaced. 

Don’t allow these typical shower repair problems to spoil your bathing experience. Call the pros for shower repair — Plumbing Right Now.

Complete Shower Repair Services

Plumbing Right Now offers comprehensive shower repair services for the North Metro Houston Area, including the communities of: 

Contact the Metro Houston Service Pros for Shower Repair | Plumbing Right Now 

You can count on the service professionals for shower repair in Metro Houston — Plumbing Right Now. Fixing damaged showers, broken shower components, leaky pipes and clogged up shower drains is just what we do best. Call our friendly shower repair team to mitigate the disruption in your life by having a problem shower. You will be amazed at how fast, effective and affordable shower repair services can be when you turn to Plumbing Right Now. 

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