Join the Plumbing Right Now’s Platinum Value Club (PVC CLUB) and start taking advantage of great plumbing values and discounts on all your plumbing needs!


For only $99.00 per year you can become a PVC CLUB Member and you’ll receive hundreds of dollars in savings each year. Here is what you get! For only a $1.90 cents per week!

Free Whole House Plumbing Inspection.

A Visual inspection of all your bathroom and kitchen sinks, faucets, drains, showers and tubs, pipes under the sinks, and the water heater for leaks , water damage or any signs of corrosion.

Free BIO ONE treatment for one stopped up drain!

We will provide 1 BIO ONE TREATMENT for one drain that is stopped up

Priority Scheduling for your plumbing needs!

You move to the top of the list for same day scheduling!

Extended Warranty

Extended 30 day warranty on all labor and parts.

10% off on all your plumbing repairs

We will provide our PVC CLUB Members with a 10% discount on all your plumbing repairs with no limit!

Locate main water shut of valve and clean out!

We will locate and inform our members where to find their drain clean out and the water shut of valve and when you may need to use them.

Your free annual plumbing system inspection is performed by a licensed plumber and includes the following and more. We will also inform you of any issues we find during this inspection. Here is a partial list of whet the inspection includes:


Check for leaks around the base of toilet and water supply valve as well as checking the toilet for proper flushing.


Check all faucets for leaks or damage and make sure they are in good operational condition.


Check all showers and tubs for leaks and insure they are draining properly and check for any corrosion build up around the shower head,


Check all drains to make sure they are draining properly and do not have any under the sink leaks or corrosion damage.


Check water heater for any signs of leaks or corrosion and make sure water heater is properly vented, also check shut off valve and temperature and pressure valve.


All the piping under your sinks throughout the home will be checked for leaks and corrosion.


The hose, valves and supply lines will be completely checked for any leaks or corrosion.

Platinum Value Club

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