Garbage Disposal Installation

Garbage Disposal Installation Service

A smoothly operating and reliable garbage disposal makes for a great kitchen. A highly efficient garbage disposal with tear up, shred and dispose of food scraps fast, easily and efficiently. When a garbage disposal barely runs, or hardly operates at all, preparing food and washing dishes can be a complete nightmare. Do you have a broken garbage disposal that needs to be replaced? Call our expert plumbers at Plumbing Right Now for help you can trust when you need professional garbage disposal installation service for your Metro Houston, Texas, home. 

Top Things to Watch Out for with a Problem Garbage Disposal 

A workhorse for your kitchen sink, a garbage disposal is perhaps the least-appreciated appliance in the home. But, it sure gets some well-deserved attention when it isn’t working properly. Here are a few common issues associated with garbage disposals. 

  1. Clogging problems. If your kitchen sink constantly clogs, a malfunctioning garbage disposal unit or the switch is often to blame.
  2. Cutting blades wear down. Years of use dull the cutting blade components of a garbage disposal.
  3. Unresponsive unit. A burned-out motor or other mechanical problems can doom a garbage disposal.
  4. Loud sounds. Components, including the blades and grates may be misaligned, causing friction and noise. 

Comprehensive Garbage Disposal Installation for Your Kitchen  

There are important things you can do to operate a garbage disposal properly to avoid repairs and premature replacement. First, using running water while operating the garbage disposal in chopping food scraps. Running cold water will help flush food particles down the drain and keep the electric motor cool while it does its work. Also, inspect the garbage disposal and the area under the sink for any leaks and water damage. Avoid using bleach, as it can damage part of the garbage disposal. Avoid putting oils, grease, pits and shells in the garbage disposal as they can accumulate and clog piping. 

Do You Need a Garbage Disposal Installed? Call Plumbing Right Now.  

A smoothly running garbage disposal does an excellent job of grinding food waste, shredding them into small particles to easily eliminate them down the drain without clogging the pipes. If your garbage disposal quits or isn’t working right, it probably needs to be replaced. The first step is to schedule a professional garbage disposal installation with the expert plumbing team at Plumbing Right Now. Our team offers complete plumbing services, including installation of garbage disposals for home in North Metro Houston Area, including the communities of:

Expert Garbage Disposal Installation for Metro Houston 

Whether you need to replace an old garbage disposal, remodeling your kitchen or building new, the expert plumbers at Plumbing Right Now are ready to help you with professional garbage disposal installation. Schedule an installation of your new garbage disposal today by calling the friendly team at Plumbing Right Now!

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