Hot Water Heater Installation

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Have hot water heater and emergency plumbing repair calls become an all-too-often event? Are plumbing repair bills piling up? If so, it may be time to replace your hot water heater. If you need new hot water heater installation, call the established experts at Plumbing Right Now. We offering emergency plumbing repair services and rapid hot water heater installations.

Plumbing Right Now is the complete plumbing repair service most trusted throughout Greater Houston, including Tomball, Spring, The Woodlands and Cypress, Texas.

Three Important Points about Hot Water Heaters

There are three important points to consider for proper hot water heater installation. When choosing the most efficient hot water heater, it is important to understand capacity, function and fuel source.

  1. Storage capacity. The size of your tank is decided according to your hot water needs. Your needs will depend on the number of occupants, the size of your home and your appliance hot water load. The average home tank hot water heater installation needs a 60- to 80-gallon storage capacity.
  2. Heater function. There are several options in choosing the type of hot water heater system. Tank systems continuously heat the entire capacity of water. Tankless water heaters heat water only when it is needed, saving energy.
  3. Fuel types. The heat source is an essential factor when choosing the right hot water heater installation. Four options are available: gas, electric, liquid propane and hybrid units. There are also solar units. Hybrids use a combination of heat sources and technologies to provide fast and reliable hot water.

Hot Water Installation Completed Right the First Time

Are you looking for a professional plumbing service provider to install a hot water heater quickly, efficiently and affordably? Do you have a problem with your existing hot water heater? Let our experienced plumbing experts check out, diagnose and let you know your best options for repair or replacement of your hot water heater. It may be time to upgrade your hot water heater with one that has modern technology and is efficient enough to actually lower your monthly energy bills. We know water heaters inside and out. Let us show you the great options you have today to replace your old water heater with a new, modern hot water heater.

Your Options for Replacing Your Hot Water Heater

When you are having issues with your hot water heater, call Plumbing Right Now for expert advice on whether you may need to repair your hot water heater or replace it with a hot water heater with the latest technology. We understand hot water heaters and welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss the best options for you. Whether you plan to have a traditional tank hot water heater, a tankless hot water heater or a hybrid model, give us a call to set up a convenient time to discuss the options you have. And, remember, if you decide to go ahead and replace your existing hot water heater, we will remove and either properly dispose of or recycle your old hot water heater.

Insist on Professional Hot Water Heater Installation

Hot water heater installation is a complicated process. Only a licensed and certified plumbing professional should perform this important home plumbing installation. The quality of your installation will affect your hot water heater’s functioning and lifespan. Plumbing Right Now uses high quality parts to maximize efficiency and support the integrity of your hot water heater installation. We hire only highly trained, certified and bonded plumbers to ensure your satisfaction for years to come.

Get 100-percent Guaranteed Satisfaction from Plumbing Right Now

Don’t suffer through another cold shower. Get results fast with Plumbing Right Now. Our service professionals will install a modern hot water heater quickly, efficiently and affordably. Get 100-percent guaranteed satisfaction on hot water heater installation from Plumbing Right Now throughout Houston, Tomball, Spring, Cypress and The Woodlands. Contact us today.